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Work Shift Calendar Deluxe

2.88 usd

Try it for FREE for 15 minutes. Love it or get a FULL REFUND!*** The best tool to keep track work shifts for shift workers ****** Very easy to use, and looks stunning to boot, well worth the money ****** Who knew business apps could look this good! ***
Are you or do you plan to become a shift worker?
Now you can easily show busy and free days by flicking through your calendar, and show shifts even years ahead (and back) in time!
Can you watch your sons football game? Can you attend your daughters school play? How does your schedule match up with your spouses?
This and more, the Work Shift Calendar Deluxe gives you the answer quickly and effortlessly.
The ultimate tool for shift workers!
There are A LOT of predefined shifts available (60+ and counting), but in the unlikely event you can't find a shift suitable for you, use the very simple interface to create your own shift rota - you can even add morning shift, evening shifts, and night shifts in addition to the normal on / off ambulation.
- Press menu button to configure- Choose shift type- Choose day, week and year the shift started
That's it!
- Optional: Chose theme - if you have a hardware accelerated phone you're in for a treat!
Now you can simply flip up/down/right/left to navigate the calendar - next year, previous year, next month, previous month
The ultimate tool for shift workers working in
- Casino- Catering- Customer service - Call centers- Death care (medical examiner or coroner)- Emergency response systems- Firefighting- Paramedic services- Police- Funeral- Flight Test- Health care- Logistics- Hospitality- Hotel- Manufacturing- Military- Retail- Restaurant- Telecommunications- Television- Radio broadcasting- Transportation- Railroads- Security- Public utilities- Nuclear power- Fossil fuel, gas and oil- Solar, wind, and hydro power- Offshore, rig and drilling
Lots of animated themes, including:
- Rolling road- Sunny beach- Pulsating crystal- Glowing Fire- Rotating galaxy- Grass field- Hearts- Twirling Rainbows- Note sheet- Night sky- Rolling Stones- Psychedelic Twirl- Wavy ocean- Cold Winter- Sunny Weather- Rain Drop Window- Flower Wallpaper- Money Maker
More shift patterns and themes added on request! Send a mail to to request new shift patterns/themes.
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