Work Shift Calendar Deluxe Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Shift Calendar Promo Video

Shift Calendar android app for ideal for shift workers.

Work Shift Calendar Deluxe

The ultimate tool for shift workers!

Setting up a Shift Calendar

Setting up a Shift Calendar.

ShiftCal Tutorial

This Video demonstrates how to setup and use Shift Work Calendar (ShiftCal version 1.2). Available on Android smartphones from Google Play (search for ...

Work Shifts Calendar

Video is the introduction of the "Work Shifts Calendar" calendar app for people of Shift work.


Work Shift Calendar Preview.

Shift Calendar Quick Start Demo

Shift Work Calendar Repetition Shift Input

iPhone app "Shift Work Calendar" repetition shift input.

Shift Calendar Kelly Demo

A brief demo showing how to set up colors, rotation, etc... for the Kelly Style Shift Calendar by

Fire Shifts - Calendar Sync Tutorial

Tutorial for setting up your Google Calendar.

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